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Key Pointers that should Drive your Choice of which Art Gallery to Exhibit your Work in

Are you an artist? Maybe you are just getting into the exhibition part of the job. It may be that you are taking your art from a hobby perspective to a professional route. One thing for sure is that exhibiting your work in an art gallery is a key objective. Some have harbored this ambition since they were kids. What must be bothering you the most is where to present your work of arts. This article will give you a sort of beginner’s approach that you can use. Before you even start the selection process, you need to find out the match between your kind of art and the potential art galleries you have in mind. It is unwise to start contacting art galleries when you haven’t established the kind of artists they like, types works displayed, history, mission, value of artwork etc. Let the following tips guide you.

The first and most obvious step is to establish the physical addresses of art galleries within your vicinity. For sure, art galleries are not common features so don’t expect to find them everywhere. In some cases there will only be one in town or even none. You may have to move around outside your town to locate an art gallery. Ensure you at least generate a list of the art galleries based on your findings. Making use of the internet or yellow pages might be helpful in generating the list without having to leave the house. You can get recommendations for your friends who also practice art. First make a list then move to the next stage.

At this juncture find a communication platform with the art galleries. Subscribe to the art galleries newsletter via email. This way, you will be in a position to know what the various art galleries are up to. From here you will be able to decipher the communication strategy of the art galleries about their art and artists. Also in this day and age of social media, make an effort to follow the art galleries online and like and comment on their posts often. A physical pre-visit of each of the art galleries on your list should be on the cards.

Finally, by the time we are getting here, you already have an idea about which art gallery work for you. Now, frequent the art gallery of choice and make a rapport with those in the place. From here you can elevate your conversations into a request to have some exhibition space. By now, ensure you’ve known the price range of displayed art and make sure that yours too meets the standard. Don’t go handing every art gallery you see your artwork once you settle on one place. The feeling that your pieces can only be found in one particular art gallery gives them value.

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